Interview With Concept Artist Ryan Jones For ‘Back To The Future: The Game’ :: ArtCast #52

Animated Doc & Marty from Back To The Future: The Game by Concept Artist Ryan JonesRyan Jones’ first job is also his dream job.

He’s a concept artist at Telltale Games where he designed stylized versions of Doc Brown & Marty McFly for Back To The Future: The Game.

Click through, press play and listen to Ryan talk about his creative process, how he landed his gig as a concept artist and how his illustration background informs his design work for Telltale Games.

PLUS: Joel Dreskin, the Telltale Games Marketing Rep shares a bit about another upcoming Telltale Title:: Jurassic Park!

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Adrian Johnson

Looking forward to it!

And I’m eager to hear about Ryan! He NAILED Marty and Doc in the pic above!
I love it!



Timothy Dumpleton

This is absolutely great! I love the trilogy and this is come greatt concept art. I agree with Adrian, he did nail Marty and Doc. Thanks for sharing this!




So neat! I love this pic! Keep up the good work! I also love your website, its really well organized.


Chris Kawagiwa

This was a great episode– fantastic design concepts~ heard about this game after word about Graham Annable’s being a bonus.
And well played to bring in an official to keep the details tidy! Lookin forward to when new episodes start up. :]


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