Avoiding Artistic Burnout: ArtCast #48

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This one has a bit of a slow start (some heavy editing helped quite a bit) but it has a big finish: How I avoid burnout.

I explore every possible creative block that I can think of and provide some practical advice for how to stay focused and fruitful during creative droughts.

Side Note: In this episode, I talk about the “New ChrisOatley.com” which WAS new in late 2010. ChrisOatley.com has been overhauled yet again since this recording but many of Zach’s contributions remain a part of the site.

AND I apologize for an insensitive comment I made in Episode #47.

PLUS: A new song from Storybook Steve.

(My wife took that awesome photo!)

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Thanks for this podcast episode Chris, I just listened to it whilst doing some morning studies. You really echoed some of the thoughts I’ve being having lately about having to have assignments to get stuff done as I find the lack of them daunting at times. I’ve been making myself things to small self-initiated art projects and using task management software like you which does help (I use freeplane- its good for mind maps/organising tasks).
All the best :)


Cons Hime

I can’t help laughing at the beginning of your talk! 😀 And pretty cool name for your turtle!


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