How To Create An Animation Pitch

Goofy winds up for a goofy pitch in 'How To Play Baseball'

This page is filled with resources that will help you with your animation pitches.

I will guide you through the creation of the all-important Animation Pitch Bible by directing you to the best resources available.

Then, I’ll show you some ways that you can really elevate your stories and ideas in ways you might not have considered before.

Lastly, I’ll share about my personal experiences with pitching animation concepts and how my philosophy about pitching has changed over the past five years.

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The All-Important Animation Pitch Bible:

Download a Sample Pitch Bible for 'The Red Mullet' by Andrew 'Doc' Chandler

Download a Sample Pitch Bible for ‘The Red Mullet’
by Andrew ‘Doc’ Chandler

I created a super-post that brings together the best advice that you can find online for creating an Animation Pitch Bible.

This super-post includes a clear & current lesson by a smart animation development exec from Starz/ Film Roman.

Next is a great episode of The Paper Wings Podcast will help you create an animation pitch that will rise above the rest.

You can download a great Sample Animation Pitch Bible and check out some book recommendations so you can extend your learning even further!

How The Pros Do It:

Creating For Disney and Cartoon Network Panel from Denver Comic Con 2012

Check out the video of the “Creating For Disney and Cartoon Network” Live Q&A from the first Denver Comic Con.

I was invited to join three Jedi Masters of TV animation to talk about the future of animation (and comics).  Needless to say, I let the Masters do most of the talking since they are, you know, amazing.

PANELISTS: Greg Weisman (host) creator of Gargoyles and Young Justice; Ben 10 creator Steven Seagle; Phineas & Ferb character designer Greg Guler and me.

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Avoid the Animation Pitching Pitfalls:

Eddie Valiant Plummets With Mickey and Bugs in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'I’ve seen and heard a lot of pitches. Most of them are terrible.

And they pretty much all share the same set of problems.  I call these problems the “Animation Pitching Pitfalls.”

This post will teach you how to leap across the ‘Animation Pitching Pits’ and race toward your goal of selling a series concept.

About My Own Pitching Process:

Pitch Art for "Manny McWeird and His Man-Eating Beard" a cartoon series created by Chris Oatley

Pitch Art for “Manny McWeird and His Man-Eating Beard”
a cartoon series created by Chris Oatley

Back when I was still pitching TV series concepts (more on that later) I did a two-part podcast series called ‘Developing Your Animated TV Show Pitch.’

Click here for [PART ONE] and here for [PART TWO].

If you are interested in the future of pitching, as I see it or if you want to know why I stopped pitching animated TV show concepts to studios, you can read my post called To Pitch Or Not To Pitch.

Now, instead of the traditional animation pitch bible, I can just share the link to my webcomic, graphic novel or a web series. With my do-it-yourself approach, the story’s fan base will validate it, protect it and even help me pitch it.

Learn how to set yourself up for personal-project success with these podcast episodes: Start Something You Can Finish and  Projects That Pitch and The Fine Art of Finishing.

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