155 Free Wood Textures for Digital Painting

Wood and I go way back.

One of my first jobs was managing inventory for an antique restoration shop. I restocked and organized wood, woodworking supplies, paneling, stains etc. and on occasion I assisted the craftsmen.

In that time, I learned most of the various types, colors and textures of wood.

Little did I know that this obscure knowledge would pay off in my future animation career.

Read on to download my free, huge, high-res wood textures and see examples of how I used them at Disney…

Concept Art for Tinker Bell's Nut Smasher DesignThere’s a whole lotta wood in Pixie Hollow.

In the four years I worked as a Visual Development Artist on the Disney Fairies franchise I must have painted a hundred different wood textures – if not more.

It always started in a meeting with my Art Director and production team.

There would be a discussion about the “asset” I was going to design. (In animation production, an “asset” is a Prop, Set or Character.)

The conversation usually covered every aspect of the design – color, texture, scale etc.

Then, I would spend a day researching materials, gathering reference and creating color comps.

Concept Art for Fairy Mary's Abacus from Tinker Bell

Antique Shelf Concept Art from Tinker Bell & The Great Fairy Rescue

Young artists often underestimate the importance of taking the time to gather good reference.

For me, the reference-gathering is essential to thorough and inspiring ideation.

Good reference informs your process and gives you ideas before you even begin to draw.

It’s even better, when gathering reference, to get out from behind the computer…

I have my favorite texture sites like Mayang and Lost & Taken but even with those great resources, it was often very difficult to find exactly what I needed…

Download 155 Free High Res Wood Textures for Digital Painting! [ link ]
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So over the past few years (ever since I’ve owned an iPhone) I’ve been creating my own library of high resolution textures for Digital Painting.

…and now I’m making them available, as a free download, for you, one set at a time.

My Wood Textures collection features everything from finished wood to weathered, country ghost town wood. There are fences and floors and barns. I saved actual tree-style-wood for my Tree Textures collection so stay tuned for that.

But before I had ’em over…

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Download My Free High Resolution Wood Textures:

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There’s More Where That Came From:

If you like my wood textures then check out my Stone & Brick Textures and Concrete Textures.

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These look great, thank you! I also loved the post about gathering reference before starting and am trying to do that now. This makes me want to do the same for textures and surfaces. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks again!


Chris Oatley

Thanks, Wayne! Yeah, it’s so inspiring to get outside and shoot reference…

Let me know what you discover!


Jock Pottle



Chris Oatley

You are so welcome!



Wow, I want learn digital painting but I still confused between light and shadow, let me teach bro,,


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