Hard Work Pays Off For Young Steve Umbleby & Creative Collaborations At IlloPond.com :: ArtCast #53

Steve Umbleby’s career in Character Design takes another leap forward on account of his hard work, great attitude and remarkable talent.

If you haven’t heard my first interview with Steve Umbleby, I recommend listening to it here.

PLUS: How any project can find it’s finish if it can find enough artists.

Listen To The Interview:

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Awesome Links:

Steve Umbleby

Steve Hickner Talk 

The Social Mirror

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Damien Baumgart

I’m downloading as we speak! Glad to have ya back!

Funnily enough I was only thinking yesterday morning while I waited for the train about your twitter comment about mentorship and how it’d be awesome if they conducted apprenticeships in illustration. That way you could get good advice and a solid start in the industry without having to mentally destroy yourself by trying to think of everything you’ll need to be successful.

Now I have another podcast to subscribe to as well. Cool. I need more listening material. Helps keep the 3 hour daily commute to a bearable level. 😛


Mark Harmon

Hey Chris, thanks for having us on your show. It was super intimidating AND inspiring! Keep it up. You truly are an inspiration for all of us.



Thanks, Mark. You were hilarious on the show. It was a joy to have you on as a guest. So cool to see what’s happening at Illopond. Are you still in the log cabin?


Mark Harmon

I AM still in the log cabin. SOOO MUCH snow up here. The kids sure like it, but it’s not the funnest stuff to drive in.



Really enjoyed this. I dirvocesed your website a few days ago. New to Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop etc , I find your site both inspirational as well as informative. Well done, Thanks for the time/effort you put into it.



Great to have you back! WOOT! S’up to my steampunk anthology crew! Good to hear y’all again.



Hey Chris,
I always thought there’s was something interesting about your ArtCast. I can’t wait to hear the Paper Wings Podcast!
Glad to have you back, until the next time, go well! 😀


Andy Bauer

Very inspiring! Thanks again for the great interviews.


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