Perfecting Your Drawing With Photoshop Warp and Merging Different Styles! :: ArtCast #57

This is part 1 of a 2-part Digital Painting Tutorial Series.

My friend, Dani Jones honored me with the opportunity to do a Pin-Up for the first, collected print edition of her webcomic ‘My Sister, The Freak.’

This tutorial series features a time-lapse recording of the entire painting process which took a total of about 6.5 hours in real-time.

Concepts Covered In Part 1:

  • Perfect your drawings with the Photoshop Warp Tool, Lasso Tool & Free Transform Tool.
  • Painterly brush techniques in Photoshop.
  • How to create an active, textural surface without over-working the painting.
  • How to merge two separate styles into one.
  • Why artists should spend more time in the early planning stages, before moving into the digital painting process.

Thanks to Dani for the opportunity to share my own interpretation of her characters and for always being so supportive of my various creative endeavors.

Check Out Part 2:

Becoming A More Confident Painter and Tricks With The Lasso Tool!

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Comment & Share:

Do you know of any other unconventional uses for the Photoshop Warp Tool or the Free Transform Tool?

How do you start your digital paintings?

Do you begin with a traditional drawing or do you just dive right in to Photoshop (or your software of choice)?

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hi chris!
you site is very rich, thanks for sharing your skills!
i can´t watch this video:
i received a message into youtube embed: “this video is private”.
is there a problem with this video?
thank you again!


Chris Oatley

Thank you for the heads-up, Renato! I didn’t realize that video had been disabled. It should be fixed now!



Wow, I have NEVER thought to use the transform and warp tools to correct line work. Very useful tip!



Forgive me if this is a question covered elsewhere on your sites, I seem to have trouble getting longer strokes when creating line work… Im not sure if this a problem because of the view I am working in or if its something to correct with technique. Basically, when Im creating outlines I have to draw short strokes to get the angles I want..wich in turn creates more work to go back in and define, or clean up. Is there a trick, setting, method of getting longer stroke? Thanks



To clarify, it’s only a problem for me when using a tablet for digital work. I don’t have this issue with hand drawing… :)



i’m about to get a large tax return, some of which i want to devote to your painting course….is it too late?



i’m about to come into some money; some of which i want to devote to your digital painting course…is it too late to do so?


Shayne Coventry

These tutorials are awesome.
The problem i have and sorry if it was covered, is with masks
And layers. I am learning it, but on gimp, i get confused and
Unfortunately i cannot afford to buy any programs right now.



I really enjoyed seeing an example of using your own “style” while playing to someone else’s style.


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