82 Free Concrete Textures for Digital Painting

This collection of concrete textures serves as a great companion to my Stone & Brick Textures.

There’s asphalt, cracked sidewalks, parking garages and I threw some cool hydraulic elements in there too!

Read on to download the textures and get some tips about painting grungy, grimy environments…


I can’t talk about industrial textures without thinking of my former ArtCast guest, friend and Disney VisDev Artist Akiko Crawford.

Akiko rocks at painting industrial environments.

"Brooklyn 2089" painting by Akiko Crawford

“Brooklyn 2089” concept painting by Akiko Crawford

When you look at some of her work, you might notice how industrial landscapes tend to look less industrial the more grungy and dilapidated they are.

I talked to her about this and she also pointed out that as you zoom-into most industrial textures, they will look more organic.

(Before I forget, I want to encourage you to check out Akiko’s blog for some more cool textures.)

Grunge, Grime and Scale:

When you’re applying industrial textures to your digital paintings, my concrete textures specifically, you should keep two things in mind…

1.) As you add grunge and grime to paintings of industrial environments, make sure you don’t lose the sharp, cold precision of the industrial structures.  Check out my super-post about The Texture Monster to learn more about this.

2.) Consider scale. The majority of textures look organic if you zoom-in too far. If you lay-in a concrete texture but make it too big, it’ll look like moss or mud instead of grungy, grimy concrete.  Make sure you scale-down the texture to fit the scale of your composition.  Again, see my post about The Texture Monster for help with this.

Download 82 Free, Grungy Concrete Textures for Digital Painting! [ link ]
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The conditions are the same as they were for my wood textures set

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Jose-Luis Segura

Hi Chris
I’ve looked all over the Flicker site, do you know of a way to bulk download the images?



Chris Oatley

Not that I know of. If you did find a way it would be a few gigs.

That’s also why I opted not to host them myself. It was going to be an overwhelming expense.



Hi Chris,

Just found this site that might help with the bulk download issue http://www.flickandshare.com/

Might be worth checking out (and post the link on the article pages) 😉
Hope this helps mates! A lot of the textures look really useful!



Chris Oatley

Awesome! Thanks so much!


carlos lacy

Wow! These are perfect for my latest project! Thanks for sharing this!


Chris Oatley

Oh that’s great to hear. Thanks, Carlos.


Rachel Kimberly

Awesome textures! I’ve been collecting my own photo textures over the years, but I don’t have them well organized yet. (When you’ve taken over 25,000 high-res digital photos… it’s a lot to go through). I’ve bookmarked these textures for future reference. Thank you!


Marko Rop

Hi, Chris. May these textures be used manipulated in comercial projects? Thanks for info.


Phil Wade

Thank you for the textures and very useful information. Everything helps!


Su Hall

I can’t tell how old this thread is, but, Flickr now has the capacity to allow you to download entire albums. In the top header is a down-pointing arrow. Click on it and it will create a zip folder of all the images in that album.



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