95 Free Stone & Brick Textures for Digital Painting

Here, have some more huge, free textures…

This collection of stone and brick textures is one of my favorites.

There’s some great, grungy stuff that will inspire all you dark, dystopian types as well as some very cool, industrial stuff for your more sanitary environments.

Read on to download the textures and receive a personal challenge.

Get Off Your Bottom:

In the post for my first free texture collection, 155 Wood Textures, I talked about how reference-gathering is essential to thorough and inspiring ideation.

I hinted at what I consider “good reference gathering” when I talked about getting out from behind the computer.

Of course, there are bajillions of digital photos available for reference online…

But if you really want to get your mind going, why not get off your bottom and move?  Trust me. You’ll make better art this way.

There’s a camera in everything from your phone to your toothbrush so there’s really no excuse.

Crazy Brick Texture by Chris Oatley

This crazy brick texture is just one of the hundred inspiring textures available in my free download.

“But Chris, I’m painting imaginary stuff that can’t be observed in the wild.”

Yes it can. Listen to this podcast episode and learn how.

I’m sharing these textures with you because, as always, my goal is to inspire you.

…and good reference always inspires.

…but I also did all the footwork (well, so did my wife Angie).

So just don’t let the physical effort I made to gather these textures prevent you from doing the same.

It’s too easy for artists to go all Boo Radley. …and going digital makes it even easier.

Download 95 Free Brick and Stone Textures for Digital Painting! [ link ]
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The conditions are the same as they were for my wood textures set

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There’s More Where That Came From:

If you like my wood textures then check out my Wood Textures and Concrete Textures.

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Done and done (facebook and twitter)- it’s always nice to get resources like this for more than just digital painting. As a visual effects artist and CG generalist, I tend to stay up too many late nights sometimes looking for juuuuuuuusssst the right brick texture to get the “procedural stink” off some images. Sorry I posted a little late in the day but if I know my vfx and animation peeps – they’ll be A) working late and passing time on facebook or twitter or B) at home working on personal projects in front of computers (as I am right now and getting little loopy doing so) or C) having a life away from the computer but still checking into FB or Twitter.



Ok I’m a derp… How the heck do you save/download textures off flickr..?



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